About Me

I am a first class horse nut transplanted from Georgia to Colorado! Horses have been a part of my life for many, many years. Starting with the infamous Breyer horses, then moving to riding lessons, and eventually owning my very own pony; I’ve had the bug for a long time! After getting a degree in psychology and then promptly realizing that my career calling must have something to do with horses, I went back to get a degree in Equine Sciences from the Equine Sciences Academy, so that I could spend my time getting horses out of shoes and into the natural barefoot world. Hoof pathology (and fixing it!) is my passion; I love making a horse sound again! I figured I should also use my psychology degree (I can’t let that go to waste!) so, I started clicker training my horses and have never turned back! My pintaloosa mare, Stella, will definitely make an appearance on posts, so keep a look out for her! Here is part of her:20160307_141715.jpg

I am also a serial crafter; I paint, crochet, knit, sew, photograph, and make soap. I am always looking for new things to stretch my creativity!


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